Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve

Tonight we went to the Indiana State Museum for their Family New Year's Eve party.
We ate dinner in the Tea Room before the big party started.
They had a tasty buffet and everything was delicious.
It was a great way to start the night.
Then it was time to get our party hats on and get ready to celebrate.  
Our family of 6!
Mimi, Pop, Sweetie, Baylor, and Cooper.  We were happy that Sweetie came with us tonight.  The whole museum is open and there are lots of fun activities for kids.
First up was face painting.  Parker got spiderman tonight.
Baylor got a Colts symbol.
Coop got a baby tiger.
There were lots of Star Wars people walking around to promote the new exhibit coming this spring.
One final train ride for the year.
Coop wanted Sweetie to ride with him.
I got to ride with Park.
Baylor with Abe Lincoln.
Having fun playing games, hula hooping, and shooting baskets.
Almost time to ring in the new year.  It's nice because the big balloon drop and count down happen at 8:00 which is great for kids.
So excited.

Excited for the new year with Tom and to watch our family and make memories together.
He loved the music and his blowers that he called kazoos.
Happy New Year!
So many balloons.
Daddy and Park.
Super pals.

Such a fun night.
We had a great time celebrating and are excited for 2013!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Family Dinner and Art Class at the Propyleaum

Back in the spring Jamie and I had bought a Living Social deal for a family art dinner at the Propyleaum.  Well we waited until the last possible date to go because it expired at the end of the year.  The attire for the evening was dressy and no jeans were allowed so it was a special night for the kids.
Baylor and Maddy looking so old!  Another picture for their future wedding video. (I'm only half kidding!)
Austin and Jamie.
It was a three course meal.  The first course for the kids was a fruit cup.

The Potter family.

It was a fun night with our big boys.
Before dessert we took the kids on a tour of the house.
They liked looking in all of the bedrooms upstairs.
Silly boy.

Then it was time for the painting.  They did wax resist paintings.  Since they were using paint we took off the sweaters.  I was thankful they had on under shirts.

It was fun to do the art as a family.
I am talented:).
Hard at work.
They were really concentrating.
They loved using the watercolor paints.
We had a messy table by the end of the night.  It was a fun family night and the kids all really enjoyed the evening!

Tom's Birthday Lunch with his Parents

Sunday morning we went to church and then headed downtown to meet Tom's parents for his birthday lunch.  When we made the plans to meet downtown we didn't realize their was a Colt's game.  We had planned on eating at Champp's but even with call ahead the wait was close to an hour which isn't very family friendly.
We were at the mall when P.F.Chang's was opening so we got a table there right away.
LOVE these two so much!
Baylor's fortune cookie said haircut which was perfect since we were headed to Red's after lunch for haircuts.
Sawyer was a little fussy at lunch, I think his teeth are bothering him.

The three big boys and Daddy all got hair cuts.
He was happy with his hair cut.
Sweet boy.
Parker climbed up like a big boy and sat still all on his own.
Looking good!
It was a successful trip at the barber for some handsome boys.