Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas at Mama's House

After a busy morning we headed to Mama and Papa's house at 2:00 for a late lunch.  We always have beef tenderloin for Christmas and it is one of my very favorite meals.

Mimi and Sawyer.
Parker and Drake playing.
Uncle Joe helped Coop get Skylander Giants working on his new 3D Ds from Mimi and Pop.

After lunch Mama went in to the piano and just started playing Christmas carols.  It was a sweet sweet moment.  She knew so many and played for a long time and even sang some of the carols.  I had tears in my eyes and enjoyed this sweet moment.
Drake and Parker.
Katie and Adam.
Parker and Mimi.
Aunt Von, Mama, and Mom.
Sawyer ready for presents.
Baylor and Sarah sat by each other for presents.
Drake opening his presents.
Uncle Joe and Papa.
Their first Christmas together.
Lots of presents!
Pirate Parker.
Sawyer and Aunt Von.  He was such a good baby all day long, he is a joy.
Love her.
Boys cherishing the last few moments with Uncle Joe.  They know he is gone for several months starting tomorrow.  They are so sad.
Kisses from Pop.
Baylor loves Uncle Joe.
We had a great time at Mama's house and had a wonderful Christmas.

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