Friday, December 14, 2012

Santa Party at Conner Prairie

After preschool we headed to Conner Prairie for a Santa party.
I was excited to go this week and see all of the gingerbread houses.  It's always one of my favorite things.
They are so amazing.  This was the Christmas Story house and the details were incredible.  The boy had his tongue on the pole and the bunny suit was in the front yard.  They even put the leg lamp in the window.
Does Parker look old here or what?  Sometimes I forget he is still just 2 until Dec. 22.
Coop with the Nutcracker.
I love how the arranged the gingerbread houses this year and how open it is.  This big new gingerbread playhouse is so neat and the candy magnets are so fun for the kids.
Checking out his work.
Then it was time for class.  Miss Mary read a story and did some songs and a little finger play then it was time for crafts.  They made elf hats to wear.  Anything with glue is great for Parker.
They love the glue.
Sawyer was happy to watch all of the action.
Cooper's hat.
Parker's hat.
Then it was time to rotate through lots of fun games.
This game was a hit.  They used a big candy cane filled with candy and hit little snow balls into an igloo.  So fun!
Ring toss.
Throwing the gingerbread babies in the holes.
Mimi and Sawyer.  At the end of class Santa came and danced with the kids and they all got to visit with him.  Such a fun party at Conner Prairie.

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