Friday, December 7, 2012

InstaFriday:December 7

I'm linking up for InstaFriday again this week.  I'm kind of on an every other week roll.  I love my phone pictures because they capture the small everyday things.  
 1. Sleepy boy.
2. Daddy game Sawyer his first bottle.
3. First bottle.
4. Watching the Notre Dame game!
5.  Daddy let Baylor stay up to watch the game, but he couldn't make it to the end.
6. Sleeping by the light of his tree.
7. New prep and landing night lights left by Wayne.
8. Go Colts.
9. Lunch date with Coop.
 1. Playing legos in his cast.
2. Traumatic dentist appointment.  The medicine they gave him made him see things and seriously he cried for over four hours.  He thought a shark was attacking him, it was awful!!!!
3. Baylor at work with Daddy.
4. Giving.
 Some of Sawyer's Christmas outfits so far.
 Elfie is back this year.  Coop wanted his own elf so he has Elfie 2 a little green elf.
 Some of Elfie's adventures so far.
 1. Parker collected the trash for me, he was so proud.
2. Eating an orange and watching the Grinch before bed.
3.  Digging a new well.
4. Trying to stay calm with a cast.
5. Coop added a tiger to his manger scene.  "Mary pick up baby Jesus"!
6. First time in jump a roo.
7.  The state museum used our family picture from last year for this year's brochure.
8. So sweet.
9. His crab died.  He was grossed out!

 1. I'm crazy about him.
2. Waiting to get his leg x-rayed.
3. Cast is off, celebrating with a cone.
4. Daddy is home.
5. Our Advent this year.
6. Handsome boys.
7. Maddy and Baylor at the zoo.
8. Drew and Coop at the zoo.
9. Sawyer is mad when he rolls over and is on his tummy.
1. Hello.
2. Rudolph hat.
3. Tired dog after a walk.
4. Basketball has started.
5. At Baylor's practice.
6. I am thankful for him.  
7. Working on Parker's birthday party favors.
8. We have had some great weather this week.  It was in the 70's Monday and we went on a long walk.
9. He's a thumb sucker.

life rearranged
Go check out Jeanette's blog and the fundraiser for Yana.  What a sweet baby girl who needs a family to kiss those cheeks.

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Emily said...

Stopping by from InstaFriday...
What a great collection of pictures! Your boys are adorable and I love their names!