Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas at Mimi and Pop's House.

When we first got to Mimi's house we ate breakfast.  I made a breakfast casserole and Mimi made cinnamon rolls and had Christmas punch ready.  The boys started on their stockings while we all ate.

Parker got a new kitchen and it was all set up and ready.  He couldn't wait.
Coops' stocking and pile.
Parker see his kitchen and he's off.
The kitchen even has a grill.  It's great for a little boy.

Sawyer was awake and excited for his presents at Mimi's house.  He loved his toys in his stocking.
Uncle Joe and Baylor.
 Baylor worked hard to make Mimi something special.  He came up with this idea all on his own.  He made her a popsicle castle.
He was thrilled when he opened his 3D DS.
Pop got the boys a special tooth and pieces from a comet.  He told them all about it and they each got a special box.

Baylor's tooth.
Pop always makes things special and is crazy about our boys.
Uncle Joe opening.
Love this boy.  He was giddy with excitement.
Busy opening.
Sawyer was such a good baby.  He was playing with his new toys.
Yeah for the Mickey car wash!
Parker playing.
Santa baby snoozing.

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