Sunday, December 30, 2012

Family Dinner and Art Class at the Propyleaum

Back in the spring Jamie and I had bought a Living Social deal for a family art dinner at the Propyleaum.  Well we waited until the last possible date to go because it expired at the end of the year.  The attire for the evening was dressy and no jeans were allowed so it was a special night for the kids.
Baylor and Maddy looking so old!  Another picture for their future wedding video. (I'm only half kidding!)
Austin and Jamie.
It was a three course meal.  The first course for the kids was a fruit cup.

The Potter family.

It was a fun night with our big boys.
Before dessert we took the kids on a tour of the house.
They liked looking in all of the bedrooms upstairs.
Silly boy.

Then it was time for the painting.  They did wax resist paintings.  Since they were using paint we took off the sweaters.  I was thankful they had on under shirts.

It was fun to do the art as a family.
I am talented:).
Hard at work.
They were really concentrating.
They loved using the watercolor paints.
We had a messy table by the end of the night.  It was a fun family night and the kids all really enjoyed the evening!

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