Friday, December 21, 2012

Yuletide Tradition with Family

Tonight was one of my favorite family traditions.  We went to the Yuletide with our whole family.  We met at Buca for dinner.  Joe was able to eat with us before his call time for the show.
I got to sit by Baylor at dinner.
This was Cooper's first time to go with the whole family.  You are able to go when you turn 5.  He was excited to go with the whole family.  Coop was excited to sit by Sarah.
Papa and Mama have treated us to this special night for over 25 years.
Katie and Adam.
Aunt Von and Uncle Jeff.
Mom and Dad.
Andy and Colleen.
Chris, Jen, and Uncle Mike.
After a delicious dinner we shared several desserts.  They were great!
After dinner we walked to the Circle Theatre.  We were able to see the reindeer outside the theatre entrance.
Coop was excited to pet the reindeer.
The lobby was bustling with holiday cheer.  Rudolph an the boys.
Coop liked the bear.
Cute penguin.
I love the big tree in the lobby.  It's beautiful.
So thankful for this family.
The boys with Mimi and Pop.
Sarah, Aunt Von, Mom and Mama.
We were excited to see Uncle Joe after the show.  The show was great and we all had a wonderful evening. So thankful to be able to enjoy this holiday tradition with my whole family.

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