Sunday, December 9, 2012

Gabrielle's First Birthday

Sunday night we celebrated Gabrielle's first birthday party at her house.  Jen planned a Winter "One"derland party for her sweet girl.  I love Jen's tree, she always gets a real tree and it was lovely.
Coop and Ethan playing games.
Gabrielle is taking steps, she's a big girl.
How cute is she!!!
We had a tasty dinner.

Sweet girl loved her cake, she was eating it by the fist full.
She did not want to give it away.
Daddy and Coop.

She was a mess.
Present time.
Sawyer watched her open her gifts.
A new stroller and baby from Mimi.

Coop loved the little cupcakes.
Sarah and Drake.
Happy Birthday Gabrielle!  I can't believe you are 1!!!

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