Friday, December 21, 2012

InstaFriday December 21

I am linking up for InstaFriday again.  Here is a look at my phone pictures from the past two weeks.
1. Sporting his reindeer hat.
2. Chunky monkey with Mommy at the doctor.
3. Bax by his baby.
4. We finally got the glass for our shower!
5. Fun with Lite Brite.
6. He's so happy.
7.  Cookies from Parker's 3rd birthday.
8. Hundson and Parker at his party.
9. Presents!

 A tiger, a dog, and a football fan.
 1. Sleepy boy.
2. His smile, I melt.
3. Sweet boy.
4.  Bax's favorite place to snooze.
5. Stripes by the fire.
6.  I was out of tea, someone who loves me ordered me lots.
7. Christmas cards are done.
8. Talking to me.
9. Jolly Days at the Children's Museum.
 1. Baby's First Christmas Ornament.
2. Jamie's birthday dinner at Naked Chopsticks.
3. Thumb sucking.
4. Santa baby. 
5. I really liked the stripes.
6. Tea anyone?
7. Reading his new Dora book from Eli.
8. All sprawled out.
9. Bouncing fun.
 More Elfie adventures.
1. Giggling.
2. Cheese.
3. Love for Santa.
4. Conner Prairie.
5. New plates from Elfie.
6. Crafting with Mimi.
7. Jump Jump Jump.
8. His last week as a two year old.
9. Wearing Bubby's Colts hat.
Garage progress.
 Snowflakes.  Such a fun and easy craft.
Elfie is checking is we are naughty or nice.  Sawyer is a nice little elf!
1. Mecwan brought by Christmas gifts.  They are so sweet to our boys.
2. Raining on the new concrete.
3. Baylor's snowflake.
4. I was a bell ringer.
5.  Love this verse.
6. Janice came and rang with me, we had fun talking together.
7. Crafting with my big boy.
8. Fun crafts.
9. Baylor's felt ball ornament.
life rearranged

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