Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Blizzard 2012

The day after Christmas this year was known as the Blizzard of 2012.  I'm not sure it was actually a blizzard but the weather stations were calling it one, so it sounds good.  We got close to 10 inches at our house.
Daddy had planned to take the day off anyway but then his work was closed because of weather.
The boys couldn't wait to get out in the new fresh snow.
Bax was happy they were outside to play with him.
All three boys got remote control snow mobiles from Mimi and Pop and they were excited to try them out.  The snow was so deep they had trouble driving it in some spots but they thought it was so fun.

Daddy liked to drive them too!
It was windy and still snowing outside.
They took the snow sleds on the back hill.
Parker had a hard time walking in the snow.
They were all bundled up.  We didn't need snow gear at all last year, thankfully our snow pants all still fit.
He was getting tired.

Baylor loved playing in the snow.

Bax was having fun.
Definitely a winter wonderland.
After playing outside everyone came in for hot cocoa and tea and got on warm clothes before nap.

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