Friday, November 30, 2012

Eiteljorg and the Indiana State Museum

After preschool we headed downtown to head to the Eiteljorg and the Indiana State Museum.
Our first stop was the Eiteljorg Museum to see Jingle Rails.
It was the perfect day to go there.  There was no one there and we were able to take the stroller in, which was a huge bonus. Parker sat in the stroller and could see great and Sawyer was asleep.
Cooper loved the trains.
The trains are so intricate and have so many details.

Liberty Bear went too!
I love his smile.
I loved seeing Union Station.  The spot Tom and I had our wedding reception.
Coop and Mommy.
It was a beautiful day and we were able to walk outside to the State Museum.
We were able to have a long visit with Santa.
He is so nice to the boys.  They love him.
Santa told Coop if he doesn't listen to his Mommy then Santa won't listen to his list.  I love Santa!
Cute boys.
Sawyer and Santa.
How cute is this!!!!
Then we rode the train about five times.  There was no line so we could just stay on for more rides.
All Aboard!
They love the train.
Then we needed another picture with Liberty Bear.
Such a fun day.  I know we will be back to visit Santa again soon.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Parker's Gingerbread House

 Thursday night it was Parker's turn to make his house with Pop.
 Can you tell he was happy?
 They have been on sugar withdraw at home so he was in candy heaven.
Watching Pop.
 Looking good.
 Still eating.
 Mama is with Mom every Thursday night so she got to be a part of the decorating too.
 They did some singing.
 Parker loves Mama.
 Parker's house.
Great Work Park and Pop!


This sweet baby of mine has such a great personality.
He is such a great baby.
He is always smiling and loves when you talk to him.
He's my best sleeper yet!
I'm so in love with him.
I love his smile.
When he hears my voice, he smiles from ear to ear.
Worn out!
He has started to grab at his toys.  It is so cute.
He was giggling in the shower.  He is one ticklish baby.
Tired little elf.
Here are some videos of his cuteness.  I'm one lucky mommy:).

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cooper's Gingerbread House

 Coop was counting down the time until Pop came to pick him up after work tonight.
 It was his nice to make his gingerbread house.
 He was so excited.
 Liberty Bear got to help too.
 Pop and Cooper working together.
 He was happy with all of the candy to pick from.
 So much fun.
 Great Work Cooper and Pop!
Liberty Bear wanted in the picture too.

 Cooper's house.
He was so proud!