Friday, November 16, 2012

3 Months Old

Today you are 3 months old!
You weigh right around 16 pounds.
You just moved up to size 3 diapers.  The size 2 were cutting into your legs and you were having lots of explosions!
 You are super smiley and are talking to us more and more.  You love when I sing or talk to you.  You just grin all over yourself.

There is nothing better than your sweet smile.
You love music and are starting to bat at toys.  You love when your brothers move them around for you.

You have some of the best faces.
I could just eat your up.
You are doing so much better at night.  We have even had a few stretches where your slept 6 hours.  Talk about a great night. 
I don't mind getting up though because I get to see this sweet face.  You seriously are such a good baby.  You are pretty easy going and just go right along.  You sleep great in your car seat and love the movement of a stroller.  You have been so many places so far.
You watch your brothers like crazy and think they are pretty great.
I haven't been away from you yet but there are some times coming up so we will see how you do.
We sure are crazy about you!  We love you sweet boy!

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Emily said...

He is just precious!