Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cooper's Preschool Halloween Party

I was the room parent for Cooper's Halloween party.  All of the kids dressed up for Community Helper day and looked so cute!  Cooper went as a vet.  
The kids made a foam pumpkin and bat to start off the party.
Sawyer went with me.  He was happy at first and then wanted out!
Then it was game time.  We had four different games for the kids to move through.  Spider ring toss, Pumpkin ring toss, bone toss, and pumpkin toss.

The kids all did great!
Cooper and Jude.
I peeked in on Parker and saw him having his snack in his class.
They carved a pumpkin in class and had it lit for the party.
Then it was snack time.  We had pumpkin cookies, apples, and juice.  There was also a birthday so they had cupcakes too!
Messy mouth!
A great way to start a fun Halloween day!

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