Saturday, November 10, 2012

Outside Work, Getting Ready for Winter

This picture cracks me up!!!  All of our Christmas tubs are stored in the upstairs of the big barn.  Tom hitched the trailer to the four wheeler and pulled it to the porch to make less work.  They thought it was great.
We all spent the day outside enjoying the awesome weather getting everything ready for winter.
Well Sawyer spent the day snoozing on the floor.
We cleaned the screened in porch and got all the furniture put away.
He was an eager helper.
Parker helped carry items to the barn and then did some drawing on the driveway.  He used the new garage lines as a track for cars.
The boys worked on cleaning out the kid's barn where all the toys are stored.
They did some playing too!
They found some new things.
We loved the great weather on a November day.

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