Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dentist and Monkey Joe's

On Wednesday all three boys and myself had dental appointments.  Miss Sarah went with us to help and I was so thankful.  We picked Baylor up first from school and then went to get Cooper and Parker from preschool.  Everyone did pretty well at the dentist but Baylor and Cooper both had cavities and Baylor has to have a tooth pulled to make room for an adult tooth that is coming in.  I was stressed after the appointment and thought we needed to do something fun.
We ate lunch at Chick Fil A and then headed to Monkey Joe's to let off some energy and have some fun.
They were super excited!
We had not been to this location on the South Side before and it was so nice.
There were only a few other people there and the boys basically had the place to themselves.
It was so easy to watch everyone and they had a blast!

Parker thought it was the best place ever!  He never slowed down.
He kept saying this is so fun.
Sawyer slept the entire time.  Angel baby again!
Hi Parker!
Coop thought it was pretty great too.  

Jump Jump Jump!
By the end they were hot and sweaty and ready for nap time.  I know I was too!

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