Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Day

 This year Mimi and Pop hosted Thanksgiving at their house.  We had a delicious Thanksgiving feast!  It was all so good.  Mimi made everything so nice and the boys were so excited.
Thankful for family.
 Thanksgiving was a beautiful day with highs in the upper 60's.  We had a turkey hunt outside and the kids all had a great time. 
 We also had a turkey toss.  Pop was the big winner.  Mimi had a prize table for the kids too.  
 We also made blessing bags this year to pass out to homeless people.  Each family brought an item for the bags and we assembled 40 bags.  It was a great project for us to do as a family.  Some of the kids and big boys played soccer and football outside while we worked.
So thankful.
Our family at the end of the Thanksgiving day.  After this picture we decided to take Parker to the E.R. because he was limping and barely walking on his foot.  He said he hit it on Mimi's porch while we were outside.  He ended up having a bone fracture and has a plaster cast splint for the next 10 day.  It was definitely not the end to Thanksgiving we were anticipating.

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