Friday, November 23, 2012

A Trip to the E.R.

 We had a great Thanksgiving and the weather was awesome.  The boys all loved spending time outside.  Parker had such a great time hunting for "Mr. Turkey".  During the hunt he hit his leg on the porch step at Mimi's house.  He didn't fall or didn't cry but started to limp.  He played the others games but then was really limping and just wanted to watch Dora.  After we left Mimi's house Tom really felt like we should take him to get his leg checked out.  He took Baylor and Parker to Riley and I stayed home with Coop and Sawyer.  It definitely was not the ending we had planned.
 Baylor was a big helper and was so sweet to Parker.  
 Daddy was thankful they took the Ipad to pass the time.
 Brothers watching together.
 The xray did not reveal a break but they diagnosed it as a bone fracture.  He ended up getting a plaster cast splint.  He needed to stay off of it for 48 hours and then limited walking, which is impossible.
 He keeps saying I have a broken leg.
 He was so brave!
 On Friday I kept him in the high chair most of the day to keep him off of his foot.  We watched movies, read books, played play doh,  bendaroos, painting, and Christimas crafts.  I was just trying to keep him from walking.  No Black Friday shopping for us, :( Boo!
 He liked painting.
 In the evening we played games again.  He loves Whac a Mole.
We read lots and lots of books!
We got back at the end of next week to our doctor to take of the splint and re xray the leg.  I am praying it all looks good and he can be done with the cast!