Friday, November 2, 2012

InstaFriday:November 2

 I'm linking up again for InstaFriday.  I've been a little behind since returning from two weeks at the beach for Fall Break.  The fall is flying by!  Here are some of our beach phone pictures.  The water was just beautiful the whole two weeks.  Talk about peaceful!!!
 The boys had a great time and loved spending time at the beach and pool.  Sawyer baby did awesome and it all just worked out great.
We all had a great time!
 1. Eating at Three Wisemen after Gigi's birthday.
2. Baylor liked watching football while we ate.
3. Park liked playing with the pizza dough.
4. Big breakfast cooked by Dad.
5. Coop riding without hands.
6. Sawyer's eye got all red and swollen, and then it just went away.  It was so bizarre, so thankful!
7.  Mama came for dinner at Mimi's house.
1. Coop got to spend the night with Mimi.  He loves Uncle Joe.
2. My reading partner before bed.
3. Spooky baby.
4. Not sure why this picture is here again.
5.  This space was filled with laundry after trip, thrilled when it was clear again!

 1. Sleepy pumpkin baby.
2.He was helping me clean, needed a rest break.
3. He wanted to play kickball shirtless, I think not.
4. At the eye doctor.
5. Park fell asleep at the eye doctor.
6. He was made at Bax for messing up his leaf pile.  He was giving Bax heck.
7. New hermit crabs.
8. Counting his money.
9. Mimi and Baylor having a talk about heaven.
10. Live action.
11. Sawyer played outside with his brothers in the Moby.  
12.  Getting better at driving, but still needs driver's ed.
13. All sprawled out.
14. Skeleton baby.
15. Sweet.
16. We've been watching lots of Friday Night Lights.
 Since Parker was sick we all weren't able to go to Becktoberfest.  The Potter family took Cooper and he had the best time!
1. I took the big boys to see Hotel Transylvania, it was so cute.
2. Cute cowboy.
3. Mimi and Baylor.
4. Coop made Daddy a picture when he was traveling.
5. Halloween movie night with popcorn.
6. Up and awake at 4:45 am, made for a long day!
7. Happy boy.
8. Happy Halloween!
1. Vet Cooper.
2. Cute Giraffe.
3. Smiley, love toothless grins.
4. Steak n Shake before well child visits.
5. These two were arguing like crazy, but they look happy.
6. Yeah, first peppermint chocolate chip shake of the season.
7. Date night with our little one.  Argo was great.
8. Still happy at dinner.
9. Since we weren't home on Halloween Baylor decorated our door and added a bucket of candy.
life rearranged
 Be sure to check out Jeanette's blog for details on the Happy Day Project that starts on Monday.  I did it last year and loved it, looking forward to this year!

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