Sunday, February 28, 2010

Can We Fix It?

Playing with Pop.
Future paleontologists?
Baylor and Pop checking out all the fossils.
He is so much fun.
Can we fix it? Yes we can!
Baylor taking Travis for a ride.
Cute boys with Dizzy. Parker was there too but he was snoozing away!
Coop the builder.
Coop loves the balls at the water pump area.
He is a great builder! He really loves legos right now.
Mimi helped Baylor build with the Bob legos.
Pop rode with his pal.
Coop wanted to ride the lion and I got to ride right next to him.
He was worn out on the way home and fell asleep in the car. He was not going to let go of his sucker though!
After church this morning we headed back to see Bob and the crew at the Children's Museum. Cooper has been singing the Bob theme song all the time and likes to say, "Can we fixt it". We have been watching our Bob movies lately and reading our books. Baylor was obsessed with Bob when he was little and I must admit I am a Bob fan too. The boys loved playing and having fun with Mimi and Pop too. It was so nice to have an extra person to help watch them and let them play where they wanted. After visiting Bob we stopped for lunch before exploring more. Cooper wanted to go to the dinosaurs next. Baylor enjoyed looking at fossils and playing games on the computer with Pop. Pop wants to take Baylor on a dino dig one summer when he gets old enough. How fun would that be! We also went to the train exhibit and rode the train. Before leaving we rode the carousel and played in the play house. It was a great day and lots of fun. Mimi and Pop let the boys pick a Bob Lego set before we left and a sucker. They are going to build their set at Mimi's house tonight after dinner. Oh what fun!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bouncing Fun

Giggling together.
He loves the slide.
Go Baylor.
What a fun place.
Skee ball fun.
Daddy helped Cooper play the games.
Parker's first time at Daddy's office.
They both eat three crunchy tacos.
Cooper always wants to go to "Caco" Bell.

This morning we went to Bouncertown for some fun. The boys had fun going down the slides, running through the obstacle courses, and bouncing in the bounce houses. We got there right when it opened so it was not as crowded right at first. Cooper was able to do everything this time and kept up with his big brother. They also had fun playing all the arcade games and winning tickets. Cooper loved the candy game! Baylor had fun playing skee ball, my personal favorite. The boys both got a big ball and a little dog with their tickets. We were going to go eat lunch somewhere but both the boys wanted to eat at Daddy's work. They love going there! They are both loving Taco Bell right now and want to eat it all the time. They had fun at the office and we enjoyed our day as a family. The boys were so happy Daddy was home!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Last Week in my 20's

Last year on my birthday with Baylor and Cooper.
I really can't believe that in one week from today I will be 30 years old. It is hard for me to believe that I am turning 30. The number does not bother me but I still feel like I should be in my early 20's. However when I think of all that has happened if my 20's it has been a very busy and exciting time in my life. I am excited to see what is in store for me and my family in my 30's. Here are some events from the past ten years.

*Got engaged to my best friend

*Graduated from Depauw University

*Got married and became Mrs. Thomas Hurst

*Bought our first house and lived as a married couple

*Started my teaching career and taught for seven years at New Palestine Elementary

*Earned my Master's Degree from University of Indianapolis

*Bought my first car and then bought a van (never thought I would have a van)

*Sold our first house and bought our current home

*Traveled with Tom and the boys

*Struggled to become pregnant

*Blessed with three healthy little boys

*"Retired" from teaching and became a stay at home mommy

*Experienced precious firsts with my boys

*Watched my little brother excel and fall in love

*Got connected at church

*Spent time with my parents and grandparents

*Made new friends

*Made great memories with Tom and our special little boys

I am thinking that the next ten years will not have as many major life experiences but am looking forward to what the future has in store.

Parker's 2 Month Doctor Visit

This morning I took Parker to the pediatrician for his two month appointment. He was so happy and smiling all over himself when we got there. Luckily they called us right back so we did not have to wait in the waiting room at all. The chunky monkey weighs 16 pounds! He was 25 1/4 inches long and his head circumference was 40 cm. He is off the charts in weight and height and is in the 50 percentile for his head circumference. The doctor thought everything looked great and he even showed off how good he was doing holding his head up during tummy time. He did have to get four shots and one oral vaccine. The poor guy was so happy until shot time. He rarely ever cries a super loud blood curdling cry, but man oh man you should have heard him when it was shot time. He had super big crocodile tears and was so upset. The nurse really hurt his feelings. Thankfully I was able to pick him up and sing to him and he settled down.

Special Visit

Baylor got to spend the night with Uncle Joe at Mimi and Pop's house.
Both boys wanted to sit by Uncle Joe!
Daddy took the red eye home from California and went straight to the office. He was able to meet us for lunch which was great. He is traveling lots lately which make for really long weeks for this mommy! Words cannot express how thankful I am to Mimi and Pop for their help with the boys!
So excited to see their uncle.
Think Spring!
Baylor can't wait to go to the beach and swim. He was testing out his goggles at dinner.
Never a dull moment at our house. This is how he ate his dinner.

We were so excited this week to have Uncle Joe Joe home. Depauw flew him home to sing a solo at the ACDA (American Choral Director's Association) convention on Thursday in Cincinnati. He flew home Wednesday and stayed the night at Depauw for rehearsal and to see his friends. Mimi and Pop were able to go hear him sing on Thursday and said he did awesome. He drove home with them and stayed the night. The boys could not wait to see him, oh how they miss him. We ate dinner with Uncle Joe and the boys played with him. Today we went shopping with Uncle Joe and to his favorite restaurant for lunch, Chili's. Daddy got home from his business trip today and was able to meet us for lunch too. What a great day for the boys. We are so proud of Uncle Joe! We can't wait until he comes home for spring break in just a few weeks. Come quickly spring!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Are You Ready...

Waiting for his name to be called. I really can't believe he is going to kindergarten.
We had the whole playland to ourselves.
Having fun.
Sliding together.
So adorable.
He had a great time!
The boys were super sweaty.
Inside the orange tube slide.
Parker slept while we were at church. When we got home I was going to take his picture in his cute outfit. However he had a huge explosion as I was getting him ready. It was everywhere and we had to wash the outfit and his body.
Won't he be a cute beach baby?

to go to kindergarten. That was the big question for B Man today. He had his kindergarten readiness test today. He was nervous and a little apprehensive about going back by himself. It was nice that one of my friends from teaching came to get him and he recognized her and went without any trouble. The testing lasted an hour which seemed like a long time for this mommy. I was able to visit with my teaching friends during that time and it was so nice to talk to everyone. I really love the staff and am so happy he will be going to school there. Another familiar face brought him back to me and said he was quite a talker and shared lots of stories with him. I can only imagine that his biggest problem area in school will surround constant talking. He really talks all the time!!! I tried to ask him about the test but he was a little vague so who knows how it went. They said he did a great job though. After school we went and picked up Coop and Parker from Mimi and then met Jamie and Maddy at church to eat McDonald's and play in the play land. Maddy had her test right after Baylor so the timing worked out great. The kids had a great time playing and it was nice to let them burn off some energy before nap time.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Little Buddy

He's a great deedee holder.
I think Parker looks so funny in this picture. It's like he is wondering what is going on now.

Baylor wanted to hold Parker before he left for school this morning. He likes to call him his little buddy. He said he needed to hold him and sing to him before he went to school to make Parker happy. Of course Cooper needed a turn too, he wants to be just like Baylor!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pearly Whites

All clean.
He held the brush to help.
What a big boy.
No teeth to clean here.
Dr. Michelle did come out to meet Parker and brought her new baby girl who was there visiting.

Today we had a family day at the dentist. Daddy, Mommy, Baylor, and Cooper all had appointments for cleaning. Baylor has been complaining of a tooth ache and was nervous to go but went back all by himself like a big boy. I was next but could hear Baylor talking to the hygienist two doors down. He was telling her all about Wubbzy and his favorite foods, toys, etc. He did have two small cavities between his teeth. They said they are not big but we should fix them now to prevent a larger cavity. Cooper was called back before I was done and Tom walked him to the door and then he went by himself. I was shocked and thought I would have to sit with him, but he did great. He sat right up in the chair and let them polish and clean his teeth. He kept asking the lady when he got his bag. He saw bubby come out with a treat bag and he wanted to make sure he was getting one too. He had no cavities so he will go back in six months. For his first time to have his teeth cleaned he did great! I love having nice and clean teeth after the dentist and no cavities for me either. Daddy went last and we left before he was done since the boys had already been there for a long time. Parker had slept the whole time and I wanted to try and get home before he needed to eat. Daddy had a cavity so he will go back too. All in all it was a successful family trip to the dentist. So nice to get us all done in one day!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Two Months Parker

Today is your two month birthday.
I love your sweet smile. It melts my heart.
You like to stretch out and kick your legs.
You have lots of other nicknames Park, Parkie, Little Man, Baby doll, Mister, Mister Man.
Weekly weigh in.
Right around 15 1/2 pounds.
Look at you hold up your head. You love this turtle and try to talk back to him. He makes some funny baby noises. This was one of your brothers favorite toys too.

Parker you are two months old. You have been quite busy over the past month. You have been on lots of outings and like to be on the go. When you are all snuggled in your carseat you sleep most of the time we are gone. You like movement and enjoy riding in the car and stroller. When we stay home all day you are awake so much more unless I can sit and hold you the whole time. You are now wearing size 2 diapers and they fit so much better. You weigh right around 15 1/2 pounds on our scale at home. It is hard to get an exact measurement because you move so much and it bounces. You are wearing 3-6 month sleepers and 3-6, 6, and some 9 months outfits. Some things seem to run smaller and they are outfits that your big brothers wore too. You are doing better at night and your longest stretch of sleep is always the first. There are a few nights where you have slept for 5 hours at a time but usually it is between 3 1/2 to 4. I don't mind though because you go right back to sleep which is great. You are sleeping in the pack n play in our room but still sleep the best in the bouncy seat. You are really watching Mommy and look at me the whole time you are sitting in your seat. When I leave the room you start to fuss or move your arms. I can always tell when you are getting ready to cry because your arms start moving like crazy. Baylor and Cooper like to sing to you and Baylor is really good at giving you your deedee when it falls out of your mouth. You have also started to suck on your fist. You are making more and more noises and like to coo at us. You are smiling more and more and have many ticklish spots. When you are smiling you like to talk to me. You are getting really good at holding your head up and are doing great with tummy time. You don't last very long on your tummy before you fuss but you show me how strong you are. When you are fussy you like me to sing to you and rock you in the chair. I love to hold you close and cuddle with you. We take a nap together in the afternoon and it is one of my favorite times of the day. Parker you are growing and changing everyday and we are loving watching you. You are such a special gift! We Love You Parker Thomas Hurst!