Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Date

My little valentine!
Before our date.
Tom got me a movie and the boys got me a gift cards to get more books for the Kindle. I was so excited. We got Tom a new shirt.
He snoozed away while we shopped. He was worn out from another Saturday at the movie with Mimi and Pop. We went and saw Valentine's Day. Tom took the big boys to lunch and to run some errands.
Last night Tom and I along with our littlest Valentine went out for a nice night. We left a little early and shopped at the mall before dinner. It was so crowded! We ate dinner at Bravo and had a great meal. Thankfully we made reservations because the wait was over two hours. Parker woke up during the meal but did pretty good. We even had a delightful chocolate dessert with vanilla bean ice cream. It was so tasty! We really enjoyed our time and were thankful for a night out.

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