Friday, February 19, 2010

Night at the Museum

Baylor, Mimi and Pop.
We may become Lincoln history buffs.
These little boys love their Daddy.
Great face Coop.
Cooper wanted to show Daddy the lion and snakes.
Daddy went fishing with the boys.
I know it's a surprise but Park slept the whole time we were gone. I did take his picture before he left. He is so handsome!

The Indiana State Museum is open later on certain nights for the Lincoln exhibit. Tonight we went with Mimi and Pop so that Daddy and Pop could see the exhibit. I was also able to see everything since Mimi stayed with Cooper and Parker. There are some really neat items including what was in Lincoln's pocket when he was assassinated. They also have jewelry from Tiffany's that was worn by Mrs. Lincoln. Lincoln was an avid writer and it is amazing how many documents are still intact that were written by him. It really is a great exhibit. The boys were also able to act as tour guides and show Daddy around since he has only been to the museum at Christmas time to see Santa and ride the train. Cooper could not wait to show Daddy the Woolly Mammoth. Baylor thought the museum was really neat at night and we all agreed. Uncle Joe and Megan are going to have their reception at the Indiana State Museum and it will be so Align Centerlovely.

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