Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bob Is Back In Town!

Can we fix it, yes we can!
He loved the slide.
Baylor on Dizzy.
Cooper liked driving Scoop.
Going for a ride in Travis.
Blast from the past.
Baylor and I with Bob when the exhibit was here before.
Look how little he was then. It makes me want to cry. He is getting so big.
Reading with Daddy in Bob's book nook.
Doing some building.
Parker was actually awake for most of his first museum trip.
Looking for dinosaur bones.
Looking good B Man!
Last night Parker went with me to a little girl's night with some friends from church. He was able to see Maddy and Drew before they went to bed.

This morning we went to the Children's Museum and the boys were so excited to go. Cooper has been asking to see the dinosaurs all the time. We wanted to see the Bob the Builder exhibit that just opened at the museum. When Baylor was almost two the exhibit was at the museum and it was one of his very favorites. I was teaching at this time and Mimi would take him every week to play there. He was so sad when it left. The Bob exhibit is even bigger this time with some new additions. Cooper was in heaven and loved all the big machines. It was a little sad because I could really tell Baylor was bigger and that he was not as interested in some parts. Cooper truly loved the entire thing. Since it was a Saturday it was super crowded but they had a great time. We also rode the carousel and visited the dinosaurs and the trains. After the museum we went to Jockamo's for lunch and had delicious pizza. I love to eat there. We had a great family day and enjoyed our time together.

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d_freestone said...

A Bob the Builder Exhibit!!! VERY COOL!!!! I loved seeing all of the pictures, even the "older" ones. You are so fortunate to have such a great facility so close to you all!!