Friday, February 19, 2010

Belated Preschool Valentine's Party

What a great time!
He loves Mrs. Steele. It is so nice he will still get to see her next year when Cooper starts preschool.
Singing God Bless the USA.
After the party we went to lunch at Paradise Bakery, yummy, and then went to a few stores. It was sunny and around 40 degrees today. We tried to enjoy it since more snow is in the forecast for next week, yuck!
This angel baby slept the whole time we were gone. He really likes to be on the move.

After several snow days the Valentine's party was rescheduled twice and we were finally able to have it today. The kids had a great time and did not seem to care one bit that Valentine's Day was almost one week ago. First they made a heart wind chime which turned out really cute. Then we played three different games. They all loved the bouncy horse relay with the punch balloons. After games they had a tasty snack of grapes, ice cream, and heart cookies with a juice box. Today was community helper day at school so they were all wearing different costumes. Baylor was a soldier and looked super handsome. Before the kids left they sang "God Bless the USA" for me and it was so sweet. Their end of the year program this year is going to be patriotic and this is one of their songs. I can't believe Baylor only has one more preschool party. I feel so blessed to have been able to do all of his parties and enjoy these special days at school with him.

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