Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bouncing Fun

Giggling together.
He loves the slide.
Go Baylor.
What a fun place.
Skee ball fun.
Daddy helped Cooper play the games.
Parker's first time at Daddy's office.
They both eat three crunchy tacos.
Cooper always wants to go to "Caco" Bell.

This morning we went to Bouncertown for some fun. The boys had fun going down the slides, running through the obstacle courses, and bouncing in the bounce houses. We got there right when it opened so it was not as crowded right at first. Cooper was able to do everything this time and kept up with his big brother. They also had fun playing all the arcade games and winning tickets. Cooper loved the candy game! Baylor had fun playing skee ball, my personal favorite. The boys both got a big ball and a little dog with their tickets. We were going to go eat lunch somewhere but both the boys wanted to eat at Daddy's work. They love going there! They are both loving Taco Bell right now and want to eat it all the time. They had fun at the office and we enjoyed our day as a family. The boys were so happy Daddy was home!

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Nicole said...

I love this picture of Parker. He looks like a doll! I think I need to hold him soon! :o)