Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pearly Whites

All clean.
He held the brush to help.
What a big boy.
No teeth to clean here.
Dr. Michelle did come out to meet Parker and brought her new baby girl who was there visiting.

Today we had a family day at the dentist. Daddy, Mommy, Baylor, and Cooper all had appointments for cleaning. Baylor has been complaining of a tooth ache and was nervous to go but went back all by himself like a big boy. I was next but could hear Baylor talking to the hygienist two doors down. He was telling her all about Wubbzy and his favorite foods, toys, etc. He did have two small cavities between his teeth. They said they are not big but we should fix them now to prevent a larger cavity. Cooper was called back before I was done and Tom walked him to the door and then he went by himself. I was shocked and thought I would have to sit with him, but he did great. He sat right up in the chair and let them polish and clean his teeth. He kept asking the lady when he got his bag. He saw bubby come out with a treat bag and he wanted to make sure he was getting one too. He had no cavities so he will go back in six months. For his first time to have his teeth cleaned he did great! I love having nice and clean teeth after the dentist and no cavities for me either. Daddy went last and we left before he was done since the boys had already been there for a long time. Parker had slept the whole time and I wanted to try and get home before he needed to eat. Daddy had a cavity so he will go back too. All in all it was a successful family trip to the dentist. So nice to get us all done in one day!

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