Monday, February 15, 2010

Future Picassos?

Don't those look like nice snakes?
He cried most of the time during painting if I was not holding him, but he finally fell asleep while they painted. It made it much easier to help the boys and keep the paint mess to a minimum.
Cooper also liked the dry erase board and the eraser.

Parker played in the morning on his play mat. He likes the music and lights.
We worked on tummy time too.
This face right here looks so much like Baylor as a baby. He looks so much like his brothers.
Scissors and glue oh what fun.
He did the tiger. These pages are great for his age. You peel off a sticker and they put pieces of colored paper on the sticky portion. He was good at cutting little pieces.
He made a beautiful rainbow. I need to get him some lefty scissors. He is really good at cutting.

We woke up to snow once again! Are you kidding me I am ready for it all to melt. We were home bound for another day. While I like staying home once in a while it is much different when you do not have a choice. We played legos this morning and build some great creations. Later today the boys painted. Ever since art class last year and Miss Rita painted at our house Baylor has loved to paint. Coop is following right in his footsteps. Baylor painted some very colorful creations and Cooper mainly painted snakes. He is really liking snakes right now, not sure where that come from. After using the easel we also painted some sun catchers to mail to our friends. The boys also worked with scissors and did a few pages. Baylor is great at cutting and I am working on getting Cooper to chomp with his scissors. Let's just say he has a long way to go but he was able to cut some pieces and he loved using a glue stick.

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d_freestone said...

The snow was flying here, today, too! The gentleman that plows my driveway visited, so we had over 3"...ENOUGH is what I say!!! Unfortunately, I HAVE to get out... Give me sand between my toes ANY DAY!
Great pix of all three boys!