Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Game Day

Great form.
Ready to bowl.
Partner bowling.
He is quite competitive when he is bowling.
He beat me at ring toss every time today.
Coop's favorite way to do limbo.
How low can you go?
I seriously about broke my back when I tried. This is definitely made for little kiddos, but lots of fun.
Parker dreamed during game time. I am sure he was thinking about bowling too!

The boys have spent time at Mimi's house over the past few days since I have felt bad and Daddy has been traveling. They have been bowling with baby toys in her hallway. They have had such a great time and are obsessed with bowling. Today we got out our bowling set and they played for over two hours after school. We also set up ring toss and giraffe limbo in the upstairs hallway. This was a great place to bowl and play. The bowling set is great because they both have their own bowl and could even share pins to play at the same time. Baylor got several strikes and was quite proud of himself. He would kiss his muscles and tell them thank you for getting him a strike. What a ham! They were definitely ready for nap time today after all the playing.

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