Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow Day

He had fun making snowballs.
A little snow slide.
We were enjoying the sun.
Walking in the snow is hard work when you are "ittle".
Playing with dad.
Snowball fight.
Super pals.

Making snow angels.
Ready for fun.
All bundled up.
Pappaw and the boys.

The snow started Friday afternoon and continued until early Saturday morning. We woke up to a winter wonderland where everything was covered in white. For a fleeting moment it really was quite beautiful. The boys could not wait to get outside. Baylor has been waiting for a snow day with Daddy, but Cooper really did not know what to expect. He has never played out in the snow before. After breakfast we started the search for all the snow gear. It was quite an ordeal to get them dressed. Cooper could barely walk inside let alone once he was in the snow. He had all hand me down items and his boots were about three sizes too big but the worked and he stayed dry. They had fun rolling in the snow and throwing snowballs. Baylor showed Coop how to make snow angels. They made a little snow slide in the front yard and Daddy pulled them on the sled. After playing at home they drove to Pappaw's house and rode the mule around in the back field. They had a great time. Parker and I watched them in the sunshine as they played outside. The study gets great sunlight in the day and was a great place to watch and stay warm and toasty. I enjoyed my day at home in my jammies all day. I even took two naps. One short nap in the recliner with Parker while the boys were at Pappaw's house and one long alone nap in our bed! What a nice treat, I love naps. The forecast says more snow is on the way Tuesday, but it is nothing compared to Uncle Joe in Maryland. He has tons and tons of snow!

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Mis said...

Looks like a blast! Thank you for the prayers. We appreciate them.