Sunday, February 28, 2010

Can We Fix It?

Playing with Pop.
Future paleontologists?
Baylor and Pop checking out all the fossils.
He is so much fun.
Can we fix it? Yes we can!
Baylor taking Travis for a ride.
Cute boys with Dizzy. Parker was there too but he was snoozing away!
Coop the builder.
Coop loves the balls at the water pump area.
He is a great builder! He really loves legos right now.
Mimi helped Baylor build with the Bob legos.
Pop rode with his pal.
Coop wanted to ride the lion and I got to ride right next to him.
He was worn out on the way home and fell asleep in the car. He was not going to let go of his sucker though!
After church this morning we headed back to see Bob and the crew at the Children's Museum. Cooper has been singing the Bob theme song all the time and likes to say, "Can we fixt it". We have been watching our Bob movies lately and reading our books. Baylor was obsessed with Bob when he was little and I must admit I am a Bob fan too. The boys loved playing and having fun with Mimi and Pop too. It was so nice to have an extra person to help watch them and let them play where they wanted. After visiting Bob we stopped for lunch before exploring more. Cooper wanted to go to the dinosaurs next. Baylor enjoyed looking at fossils and playing games on the computer with Pop. Pop wants to take Baylor on a dino dig one summer when he gets old enough. How fun would that be! We also went to the train exhibit and rode the train. Before leaving we rode the carousel and played in the play house. It was a great day and lots of fun. Mimi and Pop let the boys pick a Bob Lego set before we left and a sucker. They are going to build their set at Mimi's house tonight after dinner. Oh what fun!

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d_freestone said...

What a wonderful Sunday! You are so blessed to have such a special relationship with Mimi and Pop! They are pretty blessed to have YOU so close by!