Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another Day of Snow

Great castle!
He prefers to eat the snow.
What fun!
He loves to play and pretend to cook.
Getting another taste.

Once again we woke up to more snow this morning! It has snowed off and on all day and is expected to continue through the day tomorrow. I am so ready for it to melt and it is not even finished coming down. Today we played in the snow mommy style. We brought snow inside again and the boys played for a long time. They made cakes, pies, and castles. Cooper kept wanting to have a snowball fight like when he was outside with Daddy but we had to remind him he was inside. Mimi came over and held Parker so I could play with the boys. It was nice to be able to devote time to just them. We also played playdoh and worked on some crafts. Cooper loves to use glitter glue. He makes some very glittery creations.

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