Friday, February 26, 2010

Special Visit

Baylor got to spend the night with Uncle Joe at Mimi and Pop's house.
Both boys wanted to sit by Uncle Joe!
Daddy took the red eye home from California and went straight to the office. He was able to meet us for lunch which was great. He is traveling lots lately which make for really long weeks for this mommy! Words cannot express how thankful I am to Mimi and Pop for their help with the boys!
So excited to see their uncle.
Think Spring!
Baylor can't wait to go to the beach and swim. He was testing out his goggles at dinner.
Never a dull moment at our house. This is how he ate his dinner.

We were so excited this week to have Uncle Joe Joe home. Depauw flew him home to sing a solo at the ACDA (American Choral Director's Association) convention on Thursday in Cincinnati. He flew home Wednesday and stayed the night at Depauw for rehearsal and to see his friends. Mimi and Pop were able to go hear him sing on Thursday and said he did awesome. He drove home with them and stayed the night. The boys could not wait to see him, oh how they miss him. We ate dinner with Uncle Joe and the boys played with him. Today we went shopping with Uncle Joe and to his favorite restaurant for lunch, Chili's. Daddy got home from his business trip today and was able to meet us for lunch too. What a great day for the boys. We are so proud of Uncle Joe! We can't wait until he comes home for spring break in just a few weeks. Come quickly spring!

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d_freestone said...

I am with Baylor, I cannot wait to swim at the beach! GREAT pictures of the boys and Joe.... They are lucky young men to have such a positive role model in their lives!