Friday, February 5, 2010

Simple Pleasures

Watching a beautiful sunset.
Running your toes in the cool sand.
When the boys say, "I love you"!
Getting a card in the mail.
Tulips and Gerber Daisies.
Fresh cut green grass.
Holding a baby.
Snuggling with the boys.
McDonald's Hot Chocolate, seriously it is delicious.
Fannie May Vanilla Butter Creams, I could eat a whole box.
Fresh Peach Pie and Peach ice cream with chunks of peaches.
Taking a walk on a summer night.
The smell of the dryer, especially when you are outside and can smell it through the vent.
Having my hair washed by someone else. My favorite part of a haircut.
Going swimming at Mama's house.
Getting a pedicure.
Finding a great bargain and sharing the news with friends.
Reading a great book.
Spending time at a book store.
Reading books with the boys.
Playing outside with the boys.
Eating at a new restaurant.
Sleeping in and waking up on my own.
Going out on dates with Tom.
Taking naps.
The smell of the beach.
Dreaming about vacations.
Anything I do with my mom.
Talking to Tom during the day on the phone, even if he teases that I call too many times.
Taking pictures of the boys and looking at old pictures.
Home grown tomatoes picked fresh of the vine and eating them right away.
Singing your favorite songs in the car when you are alone and can sing loudly.
Watching a good movie and going to the movie theatre.
Spending time with friends.
Crushed ice and root beer, Frosty Boy has wonderful crushed ice.
Listening to Joe sing.
Hearing the boys play and talk.


pshadday said...

I would say one of my favorite simple pleasures are watching those precious little boys play on the beach....

And being with my treasures... Jessie and Joe!

d_freestone said...

I'd have to say that we share some of the same Simple Pleasures! Hope your weekend is exceptional, even if you do have snow...there is always the Super Bowl!