Thursday, February 4, 2010

King of Hearts

The best shot of the day.
There is a great Black History Month exhibit. The boys were dancing on the stage and had fun playing the computer games.
They seriously are hugging each other one minute and fighting the next. Oh the life of brothers.
How cool.
An example of my Cooper shots for the day.
He caught all the fish in the pond.

Unfortunately snow is headed our way over the next few days. I had lots of great plans for the weekend but we may be inside the entire time instead. Have I mentioned before how anxious I am for the arrival of spring and warm weather? Anyway we took advantage of the calm before the storm and went to the Indiana State Museum today with Mimi. The boys have been inside for the most part for several days and needed a change of scenery. They wore their matching Valentine shirts today and I tried to get a cute picture of them together but that was nearly impossible. Cooper makes this super cheesy smile or chooses to run out of the picture. We will try again later. Once again we were one of the few people at the museum so it was great for the boys. They were able to look around and explore and had a great time. There are lots of great animal exhibits, fossils, and bones that are great for little boys.

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d_freestone said...

Love the new Blog Format! The pix of the boys are excellent! You even have a shot of Parker in a knitted hat! LOVE IT! The last few entries were wonderful. I so appreciate being able to check in on you all. Makes me feel like I live close by! Thank you!