Saturday, October 31, 2009

Boo To You!

Happy Halloween!
Too funny!
The cake and cookie were both delicious.
Baylor showing off his presents from Mimi and Pop. Thanks!
Cooper found just the perfect spot to open his presents.
The monkey with the sleeping dragon.
Pop and his pals.
All ready to trick or treat.
Cooper dumped his candy out by Pop and had him open pieces.
Baylor had fun trick or treating with Gabby and Jilly too.
Jen and I with Ethan.
It was Tom's first time to hold Ethan.

On Halloween night we went to Mimi and Pop's house for dinner and dessert before trick or treating. We had pizza and yummy pumpkin cake and skull cookie cake. The boys had a hard time eating because they were so excited. Since it was chilly outside they decided to wear warmer costumes. Cooper wore his monkey costume and Baylor wore his gorilla. When we went to the door Mimi was wearing her scary mask she uses for trick or treaters and Cooper was quite scared. He kept saying, "me no ike mask". Mimi plays scary music and puts red light bulbs in all the lights to make her house look haunted. It is such a great place for Halloween. Pop went trick or treating with Daddy, Mommy and the boys. They got so much candy, I don't know how we will ever eat it all. They were so excited. Baylor talked to each person who opened their door. I had to drag him away from some houses. He asked questions like, "Why did you put the candy in a mixing bowl", I like your dog, what kind is it?", "I get a dog when I'm 11 but I really want one now". He did a great job of saying trick or treat and thank you along with his questions too. Cooper chimed right in and did just what his big brother did. They thought it was so fun to go ring the doorbell and then get a special treat. The boys had fun playing with all the kids that came to visit and going through their loot. Jenny and Chris brought baby Ethan who was dressed up as an adorable dragon. Cooper kept wanting to touch and look at baby Ethan. He really likes him. We were so glad they were able to come and visit. It was a great night and so much fun!

Day Time Trick or Treating

Cooper kept taking his candy bag to Papa to have him open more.
Cooper was showing Mama how he could ride a pony.
Baylor and Papa.
Mama gave Baylor a little horse to put on his shelf.

Showing off their candy.
Baylor and Grandpa.
Coop in the chair that spins, rocks, and is super comfy.
Baylor agrees the chair is so fun!

Today I took the boys around to visit Mama and Papa and Grandpa Shadday. Baylor was wondering why we were going to trick or treat when it was still light out. They both wore their Woody costumes and were ready to go. At Mama's house both boys were excited with their bags of candy and "monies". They had fun talking with Mama and Papa and showing off a little bit. They both played or "pounded" on the piano and made some beautiful music. At Grandpa's house the boys picked their favorites out of the treat jar and visited. Grandpa was watching the football game and gave Baylor all the details of the game. Both boys had fun spinning in the famous chair. I loved that chair when I was a little girl. We were glad we were able to see them all on Halloween!

*When Baylor was getting dressed he wanted to know why they were called cowboys if they didn't ride cows but rode on horses. He thought they should be called horseboys instead. He is so funny. He was also looking for his belt and wanted to know where his "shover" was or his holster. He said it is a shover because you shove your gun down in and then pull it out super fast.

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Day Before Halloween

Baylor with Pastor Andy the pirate.
Baylor and Maddy after playing.
Cooper was actually really good at this game.
Baylor liked the motorcycle game.
Tasty treats!
Having a little snack.
Daddy with Baby Jack Jack.
Buzz and Daddy on the slide.
Go Baylor!
Baylor, Cooper, Maddy, and Drew.
Ready for fun!
Howdy partner!
He looks quite handsome!
My favorite cowboys!

We had a busy day today on this day before Halloween. This morning we went to Conner Prairie for a Halloween class. The boys wore their Woody costumes and were ready for fun. They ended up consolidating the class times without us knowing and we missed the class but the boys ended up having fun anyway. We went in some Christmas shops on the way home and to the bakery which was a big hit. We got some cute Halloween cookies and a spooky cake for tomorrow. Tonight our church hosted the annual Harvest Hoedown event. Baylor wore his musketeer costume and Cooper wore Buzz Lightyear. They were so excited and had such a great time. They loved all the bounce houses and stayed busy the entire time. They also liked seeing the live animals. The alligator was a big hit with both boys. We all enjoyed the food at the party. Hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, and cotton candy all healthy treats for sure. We all had a great time!

Tis the Season


Ominously missing from this week's blog post was a monumental event in the Hurst household. As many of you know, we are expecting our third precious little boy on December 22nd. As such, we have been trying to prepare for the Holiday Season early since Jess is quickly becoming uncomfortable as we get closer to Parker's birth. Jessie has been busy buying Christmas presents and preparing.

I have been traveling a great deal in October - I think I have been gone more days than I have been home. I arrived home late Tuesday night from Chicago from a few days on the road and had a very busy day on Wednesday. By the time I got home Wednesday night I was ready to relax and have fun with the family. Although we had talked about doing it over the weekend or early November, I whispered to Baylor - "Let's put up the Christmas Tree"! As you can imagine he went nuts and AWAY we went. Out to the barn to get the tree we went - two hours later the tree was up and lighted. We are going to decorate it this weekend!

Yes, we know that we are crazy - but it is our CRAZY and we love it.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkins with Pop

Great Job Pop and Baylor!
What great pals.
The "grumbly" pumpkin.
This one sure did smell.
Scoop out the inside of the pumpkin.
Getting ready for carving fun!

Last night after dinner Pop called to see if Baylor wanted to carve pumpkins with him. Let's just say Baylor was beyond excited and said this was the most awesome night. He had his shoes on and was at the door ready to go within minutes. He wanted to take his "grumbly" pumpkin to carve with Pop and Pop carved one that Mimi had bought. When they opened up the big warty or "grumbly" pumpkin in was rotten inside and smelled terrible. Mimi said the whole house stunk like rotten pumpkin. They went ahead and carved in though and it looks really neat. They used one of the big warts as the nose. Pop was giving Baylor instructions and telling him to listen before they got started. Baylor put his hand on his hip and cupped the other hand over his ear and said, "I'm all ears professor". Pop lost it and thought it was so funny. I would have to agree he says some of the funniest things. He had a great time with Pop and their pumpkins turned out great!

Fall Leaves

Having fun outside.
He was happy!
Shaking the leaves off the trees.
Picking up big sticks.
He had fun crunching the leaves and listening to the sounds.

This afternoon the boys and I played outside in the leaves. Over the past few days the trees have been so beautiful and the colors are so vibrant. With the beautiful colors come lots and lots of leaves. Our backyard is once again full and it is quite a job for Tom. It is hard when he gets home in the dark to keep up with the leaves. Hopefully there will be some nice days over the weekend. The boys had fun walking back in the woods and playing in the leaves. They don't think of them as work but lots of fun.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Baylor's Preschool Halloween Party

Baylor waiting for his turn at the bug race.
Working hard on his craft.
Pumpkin bowling.
Baylor and Rachel at snack time.
Baylor with Mrs. Steele and Mrs. Moody.
Don't they all look festive?
All ready for a ride.
This pumpkin sure is heavy!
Checking out his pumpkins.

Baylor has been so excited for his party at school. He has been counting down the days. Since I am in charge of all the parties again this year he helped me get things ready and knew what we were going to be doing. The kids made two Halloween crafts and did such a great job. They rotated through four different games, pumpkin ring toss, pumpkin bowling, Halloween toss, and a bug race. They were so well behaved and had such a great time with the games. For snack we had Halloween cookies, grapes, and an orange drink. All the kids got a treat bag with a Halloween coloring book, crayons, spider rings, bugs, and candy. What a spooky time. This afternoon Mimi watched the boys while I had a doctor's appointment. They played outside and and went on a walk with Mimi.