Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Baylor's Preschool Halloween Party

Baylor waiting for his turn at the bug race.
Working hard on his craft.
Pumpkin bowling.
Baylor and Rachel at snack time.
Baylor with Mrs. Steele and Mrs. Moody.
Don't they all look festive?
All ready for a ride.
This pumpkin sure is heavy!
Checking out his pumpkins.

Baylor has been so excited for his party at school. He has been counting down the days. Since I am in charge of all the parties again this year he helped me get things ready and knew what we were going to be doing. The kids made two Halloween crafts and did such a great job. They rotated through four different games, pumpkin ring toss, pumpkin bowling, Halloween toss, and a bug race. They were so well behaved and had such a great time with the games. For snack we had Halloween cookies, grapes, and an orange drink. All the kids got a treat bag with a Halloween coloring book, crayons, spider rings, bugs, and candy. What a spooky time. This afternoon Mimi watched the boys while I had a doctor's appointment. They played outside and and went on a walk with Mimi.

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