Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Wheels

Pop was giving Coop driving lessons.
Baylor with his Mimi.
Checking out under the hood.
He was so excited!
Thanks Mimi and Pop!
Checking out their new wheels.

Today after church Mimi and Pop gave the boys their birthday presents. Pop drew Baylor a treasure map during breakfast to help him find his gift. He was so excited. When Baylor and Cooper found their presents they squealed with delight. Baylor got a red Mustang power wheel and Cooper got a blue Mini Cooper power wheel. Baylor could not wait to take his new wheels for a spin. Cooper kept saying "my car". Daddy and Pop took the cars outside and they drove them all around. Baylor can go quite fast in the Mustang and drove it like an old pro. Cooper still needs work in the steering department, but he thought he was a big deal. They loved their presents. When we came home they were able to jump in the bounce house for the rest of the afternoon before nap. Baylor was in tears when it was time to go in because he knew the bounce house would be gone tonight. He loved it and had a great weekend. They also were able to try out their great new wagon from Tom's parents. They ate their snack in it and took turns giving each other rides. It is going to be great to have!

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megan elizabeth said...

These pictures are adorable. You all look great! The picture with Baylor in the mustang looking back is too cute. Love you!