Sunday, October 11, 2009

Downtown Disney

Showing off their new dinos. Thanks to Mama and Papa for the Build-A-Bear gift cards they used.
Baylor loves his Mimi!
He was excited for the ice cream.
Baylor by one of the big dinosaurs. Cooper kept saying, "No bite me". I think he was a little nervous but did great.
He was showing off his pin necklace. Mimi bought him some new ones when we first got to Downtown Disney and he put them on at the restaurant.

Daddy left for a California early this morning and we were sad to see him leave. The boys had so much fun with Tom and really enjoyed the time with their Daddy. He has been traveling so much lately it was so nice to have his attention for so many days! They were also excited because Mimi was coming! Baylor couldn't wait for her to get there. We waited for her in our room and she arrived around 9:30 am. After moving rooms and getting all settled we headed to Downtown Disney. It was another hot day but lots of fun. We ate lunch at T-Rex, which is such an amazing place. The dinosaurs in the restaurant are so incredible. They sang to the boys and brought them an ice cream birthday treat. After eating a great lunch we went to the Build-A-Dino store. The boys got gift cards for their birthday and were able to use them there. Baylor made a blue dinosaur and Coop made a green dinosaur. They picked out clothes and a got their dinos all ready to go home. We went in a few more shops before heading to the pool and playground. After a nap we went back to Downtown Disney for the evening. We went in the rest of the stores and bought some souvenirs. It was a great day!

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