Monday, October 26, 2009

Tuttle's Orchard

Thanks Mimi, that wagon is too heavy!
Looking for a big one with Mimi.
Headed to the patch.
King of the hill.
Having fun with the trucks in the sandbox.
Looking for the gaint pumpkin.
There's Baylor.
We stopped to watch the farmer working in the field right next to the orchard.
Can you tell the sun was in their eyes?
What great pumpkins.

It was finally a beautiful fall day here. The temperature was perfect and the sky was clear and blue. After preschool we picked up Mimi and headed to Tuttle's for a day of outdoor fun. We have wanted to go several times this season but the weather was not cooperating. The boys loved the play area. There were only a few other kids so they had the area to themselves. The hay and maze were both a big hit. We also went on the sunflower maze and found the giant pumpkin. Baylor found a caterpillar which was his favorite part. After playing we went to the pumpkin patch to find one last pumpkin. Both boys pulled their own wagons on the way to the patch. However after putting pumpkins in Cooper decided it was too heavy and wanted Mimi to pull it. He was worn out from his day of playing and fell asleep on the way home. We had a great time and loved the wonderful fall weather!

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d_freestone said...

What a fun, fun day! I am going to bet that Mimi had as much fun as the boys did! The weather, here has not cooperated, too much, either!