Sunday, October 18, 2009

Zoo Boo

Daddy and Baylor by the bears.
Mommy and Baylor.
Two cute elephants.
My little elepahnt by the elephants.
This is where Cooper preferred to sit to take it all in.
Look how close that lion was today. Baylor kept saying they have two shes where are the hes.
Ready for some candy.
Checking out the polar bear.

After nap we headed to the Indianapolis Zoo for Zoo Boo. The boys wore their elephant costumes and looked so cute. It was not that crowded and we were able to go to all the areas and see all the animals in three hours. The animals were so active and were so up close today. Both boys loved the baboons and the new baby that was born on September 19. He was so cute and tiny. They also enjoyed watching the rhinos that were fighting. They were able to trick or treat at several stations around the zoo and enjoyed their candy treats. The decorations around the zoo were great and made for a spooktacular time!Check Spelling

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