Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pirate Party

Our pirate family of four, soon to be five!

He loved all the pirate decorations!Waiting for their friends to come.

Baylor stood at the door to greet everyone and pass out pirate hats.

The pirate cake with two scurvy pirates.

Jack looks thrilled!

My birthday boys!
Baylor woke up so excited this morning.
The Gambrel family.
Mimi with her best friends.
Baylor loves Katie and Nick.
Thanks Mimi for all your help! Pop was the photographer so I don't have any pictures of him.
Baylor with Maddy, the pirate, and Drew!
Mama and Papa.
Baylor with Carl, Nicole, and Eli. Eli wore a cute pirate outfit and hat, he is so cute!
Jenny and Chris with the birthday boy.
We are so happy Grandpa could come to the party.
Cooper trying to look like a pirate with his face painting.
Looking good.
Enjoying the magic show.
They loved the pirate.
Baylor loves Uncle Tom and Aunt Bev.
A sword and parrot.
Ethan's first birthday party!

What a great day! Today we celebrated Baylor's 5th birthday and Cooper's 2nd birthday with a pirate party. After watching the forecast earlier in the week we decided to have a plan B and have the party at the church. It worked out great and was a perfect spot for a party. The sun was shining today but it was super windy and chilly out. We were able to put the bounce house in the cafe and the kids could also play in the playland. The party was great and the kids had a fabulous time. We had pirate pizza and pirate cake and cupcakes. The kids were able to go on a treasure hunt, play games, bounce in the bounce house, and play. A "real pirate" came to do face painting, a pirate magic show, and she made balloon animals and objects. We had lots of great pirates who got their face painted. We were so happy that so many of our friends and family members were able to share in this special day. We are so thankful for our boys and all the joy they bring to our lives. We love you little pirates!


The Gambrel Family said...

We had a great time at the party! Thank you for inviting us!

Happy Birthday Boys!!!

d_freestone said...

The party looks like it was a HUGE success! The Birthday Pirates looked adorable with their pirate shirts...Mimi and Mommy did a lot of advanced planning! Now it is time to take a deep breath and head to Disney!!!