Sunday, October 25, 2009

Date Night

What a fun night.
Tom checking out a book at the bookstore.
Since I have had a cold for the past few days I have slept alone in Baylor's bed. I have not been sleeping that well anyway and it was nice to have the entire bed to myself. Tom has slept with his two pals for the past few nights. This is how I found them this morning when I went to get everyone up for church. So cute, I love them all so much!

On Saturday night Tom and I were able to go on a date night. With Tom traveling so much and things being so busy we have not been able to spend any time together. Luckily our babysitter was free and we were able to have a night out. We went to dinner at Sullivan's Steakhouse. We had never been there before and enjoyed a delicious dinner. After dinner we went to Borders and looked around before the movie. I love going to a bookstore and it is so nice to actually look. I found lots of books I want to read and even bought a new Christmas book by Jane Green. I am excited to start reading it soon. We ended the night by seeing Couples Retreat. It was a fun movie that we both enjoyed. What a great night and we loved being able to spend time together. It was nice to come home and hug on our two favorite little boys.

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megan elizabeth said...

I saw that movie last weekend! It was so funny. I'm glad you and Tom were able to have a night to spend together. Get well soon!! :)