Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lunch with Ethan

What a sweetie!
Jen and I at lunch.
Coop and Mimi.
Ethan and his Mommy while he was still awake.
Coop kept wanting to check on baby "Efan".
He had fun playing at Pottery Barn Kids.
This play sweeper was great.

Today Baylor had Parent's Day Out at preschool and was able to stay longer and eat lunch at school. He is always so excited to take a lunch box to school. Mom and I made plans to meet Jenny and Ethan today at the Cheesecake Factory. We thought it would be easier with only Cooper. We got to the mall early and did some shopping before lunch time. This was Jen's first time out of the house with Ethan by herself. Ethan did great and slept during the entire lunch. We did get to see his sweet eyes before we sat down though. He is getting so big and has such cute chubby cheeks. Jenny looks great and is doing awesome. We had a great time visiting with them. Cooper kept trying to feed Ethan bread during lunch, but we told him he only drinks milk. Should be interesting when Parker arrives to explain that all to him. When we went to go get Baylor they were at the park so Coop was able to get out of the car and play with the big kids before they went inside. It was such a beautiful fall day here today. There have not been many gorgeous days like this during this fall season.

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megan elizabeth said...

What fun! You all look great. I sure do miss you! I am excited to see you again. Can't wait for Baby Parker!