Friday, October 2, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Parade

He found one just his size.
Sitting in the patch.
Wow, this is heavy.
Group pictures were not that easy today.
Baylor and his pick.
Playing a game with pumpkin seeds. He wore his Colts jersey for C day at preschool.
Getting ready to bowl.
Mimi helped Baylor with his pumpkin craft.
The headleass horseman is back on the prairie for October.

Today we had a class at Conner Prairie. When we got there we realized that Cooper was also signed up for this class too. Today was his first day to be an actual prairie tyke. That meant he went to class for the story, craft, and games too. Let's just say we have a long way to go to get him ready for school, but he had a great time. I am so glad Mimi was there to help take him out during the story when he was trying to play with the pumpkins. He did have fun playing all the games. Baylor was great at pumpkin bowling and pumpkin ring toss. After class time we went to the pumpkin patch on the prairie and all the kids got to parade around the patch and pick a pumpkin. They sang songs and played with their perfect pumpkins. It was lots of fun!

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