Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day Time Trick or Treating

Cooper kept taking his candy bag to Papa to have him open more.
Cooper was showing Mama how he could ride a pony.
Baylor and Papa.
Mama gave Baylor a little horse to put on his shelf.

Showing off their candy.
Baylor and Grandpa.
Coop in the chair that spins, rocks, and is super comfy.
Baylor agrees the chair is so fun!

Today I took the boys around to visit Mama and Papa and Grandpa Shadday. Baylor was wondering why we were going to trick or treat when it was still light out. They both wore their Woody costumes and were ready to go. At Mama's house both boys were excited with their bags of candy and "monies". They had fun talking with Mama and Papa and showing off a little bit. They both played or "pounded" on the piano and made some beautiful music. At Grandpa's house the boys picked their favorites out of the treat jar and visited. Grandpa was watching the football game and gave Baylor all the details of the game. Both boys had fun spinning in the famous chair. I loved that chair when I was a little girl. We were glad we were able to see them all on Halloween!

*When Baylor was getting dressed he wanted to know why they were called cowboys if they didn't ride cows but rode on horses. He thought they should be called horseboys instead. He is so funny. He was also looking for his belt and wanted to know where his "shover" was or his holster. He said it is a shover because you shove your gun down in and then pull it out super fast.

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