Monday, October 12, 2009

Magic Kingdom

So excited to blow out the candle.
Loving on Tigger.
Piglet is a great hugger.
"My ike Pooh"
Nice and clean after a busy day in his new jammies.

Today we went back to the Magic Kingdom with Mimi. We had a great time riding rides and meeting characters. We had lunch with Pooh again and it was so nice to have the time in the air conditioning. We were super hot and the break in the middle of the day really helped. Cooper fell asleep right after lunch and Mimi and Baylor went on rides while I stayed with him in a restaurant with air. Mimi was such a trooper to go on rides that she usually avoids. She went on Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain with her pal. She said she would only do it for him. She hates these rides but went for her pal. Next time I will be able to go. We finished off the day in Fantasyland and rode all their favorite rides. Cooper loves the Pooh ride and Peter the Pan. He says, "Me go more", as soon as the ride is over. Too bad you have to wait in line again. We stayed until the park closed and were able to watch people come in for the Halloween party that night. It was fun to see more costumes and watch the park transform for the party.

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