Saturday, October 31, 2009

Boo To You!

Happy Halloween!
Too funny!
The cake and cookie were both delicious.
Baylor showing off his presents from Mimi and Pop. Thanks!
Cooper found just the perfect spot to open his presents.
The monkey with the sleeping dragon.
Pop and his pals.
All ready to trick or treat.
Cooper dumped his candy out by Pop and had him open pieces.
Baylor had fun trick or treating with Gabby and Jilly too.
Jen and I with Ethan.
It was Tom's first time to hold Ethan.

On Halloween night we went to Mimi and Pop's house for dinner and dessert before trick or treating. We had pizza and yummy pumpkin cake and skull cookie cake. The boys had a hard time eating because they were so excited. Since it was chilly outside they decided to wear warmer costumes. Cooper wore his monkey costume and Baylor wore his gorilla. When we went to the door Mimi was wearing her scary mask she uses for trick or treaters and Cooper was quite scared. He kept saying, "me no ike mask". Mimi plays scary music and puts red light bulbs in all the lights to make her house look haunted. It is such a great place for Halloween. Pop went trick or treating with Daddy, Mommy and the boys. They got so much candy, I don't know how we will ever eat it all. They were so excited. Baylor talked to each person who opened their door. I had to drag him away from some houses. He asked questions like, "Why did you put the candy in a mixing bowl", I like your dog, what kind is it?", "I get a dog when I'm 11 but I really want one now". He did a great job of saying trick or treat and thank you along with his questions too. Cooper chimed right in and did just what his big brother did. They thought it was so fun to go ring the doorbell and then get a special treat. The boys had fun playing with all the kids that came to visit and going through their loot. Jenny and Chris brought baby Ethan who was dressed up as an adorable dragon. Cooper kept wanting to touch and look at baby Ethan. He really likes him. We were so glad they were able to come and visit. It was a great night and so much fun!

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d_freestone said...

BOO to you all TOO!!!! Without a doubt the boys had an excellent time tonight. I'll bet that Pop and Mimi were a fun stop!!! My Tom and I went out for a very nice meal to celebrate his Nov. 1st Birthday...Cantata Rehearsal will take all of my time tomorrow!