Sunday, November 1, 2009

Busy Sunday

All ready for church.
Go Colts!
Daddy and Baylor kind of matched today.
My three favorite boys!
Playing with Daddy.

Today we went to church and breakfast and then came home to get to work. What a busy day! Tom and Baylor worked outside and put things away for winter in the barn. Cooper and I worked inside and decorated the tree. When Baylor came in he helped finish putting ornaments on too. Later today we all worked on getting things put away and cleaning the house. Daddy and Baylor carried all the Halloween and fall decoration up and I put them away and then they carried down Christmas. I really appreciated their help! Baylor is such a good little helper. At one point he was wearing his fiesta and underwear with the pledge bottle on one side on his underwear and his cleaning rag on the other. It is so nice to have so much done in one day!

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