Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Day Before the Baskets Leave!

Baylor by all the baskets in the parlor.
The picture does not even show how many are in there.
The overflow!
More items, they are everywhere.

Today Mimi organized all the baskets and got them all ready to leave tomorrow. The dinner is quickly coming on Friday and she is so happy for all the items to leave her house. There are so many awesome items and lots I would love to win. Baylor wants Mimi to "win" it all for him. Both boys really want the Nutcracker basket. They both really like nutcrackers right now and it would be perfect. We are so proud of Mimi and all her hard work. What a blessing she is to so many!!!


The Gambrel Family said...

Oh my gosh!! Baron and I are excited to see them all we were trying to check them out in the photos! Looking forward to this great event!!

d_freestone said...

Thank you for taking the pictures of the baskets. I have heard the stories but never witnessed the massive amounts of items....WOW!!!
You are right, Mimi is a blessing to and I included!

jamie said...

Wow! I can't imagine how much space this has been taking up!!:) I am sure she will be happy to pass them on!:) Can't wait....we are hoping to win a few!