Saturday, November 7, 2009

Christmas Carol

Baylor and Pop in their 3D glasses.
We ate at Steak n Shake again and I had another peppermint chocolate chip shake, delicious!!!
Cooper came over right after "map" so he was sporting some great bed head when he got his "nutcackers".
He was so excited!!!
Mimi told the boys she split up the basket from the dinner. They ended up with so many and they are now on display in their bedrooms.

Both boys really wanted Mimi to win them the Nutcracker basket at the Food Pantry auction. They both really like Nutcrackers right now and have admired the basket since it was put together many months ago. Each time we would go to Mimi's Coop would say, "my nutcackers". Well Pop tried hard to win but another fellow church member was determined to win and Pop finally stopped at $150. When we got home on Friday night Baylor was asking about his nutcrackers and when Mimi was going to bring them over. Of course Mimi would not want to disappoint her boys so she went out on Saturday and recreated not one but two baskets. She went to five different stores to get everything inside. Pop said he wished she was his Mimi, too funny. They were thrilled and ended up with quite a collection. She really does spoil them!!! In the evening Baylor and I went on a double date with Mimi and Pop. We went to dinner and to see the next 3D Christmas Carol movie. Daddy stayed with Cooper and went to dinner at Mammaw and Pappaw's house. The movie was fantastic and had great special effects. We all really enjoyed it and had a good time. Baylor was a little scared in a few parts so he sat on his Mimi's lap. He likes it when Scrooge gets "nice". I would definitely recommend the movie and could easily go again!

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