Sunday, November 8, 2009

Beautiful Sunday

All ready for church, it was such a gorgeous morning.
I love his chubby little legs.
Baylor is getting so big.
When I picked him up from church he was crying and they said he just fell out of the chair. I calmed him down and we went to breakfast but when I got there I noticed he had blood all in his hair and a gash that was bleeding. He must have landed on a toy and hurt his head. I was worried but we cleaned it up and it looked like it was going to be fine. When we got home I washed it with soap and water and put Neosporin on it. He has had a rough week.
He was running all over Mimi's yard this afternoon and his leg seems totally fine! You really have to watch him every second!!!

Today was a gorgeous day here! The weather was awesome and just beautiful. The boys and I went to church this morning for a great service. It was Veteran's Day and was such a great service. I am so thankful for our freedom and all the brave men and women who served. After church we went to breakfast with Mimi and Pop. This afternoon Baylor stayed with Pop and helped him outside and in the garage. Poppy said he was a great help. Mimi and I took Coop to the Holiday Mart. We found some cute things and had fun getting into the holiday spirit. At our house we are totally decorated and ready to start the Christmas season. The boys are so excited!!!!

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